Learners' Band

The early years
1890s - 1930s

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A personal recollection of the band's early years by
Edward Algernon Harrison can be found at this link:


Post War

The Band in its Third Century

C1880 - The Drum & Fife Band
1895 - Young Edward Harrison seated 2nd from left in the front row, still awaiting his uniform
c 1890 - The Band at a gathering of the New Forest 
Ancient Order of Foresters
9th October 1899 - Mr F W Underwood in straw hat next to Mr Thomas Fater with rosette.
May 1919-Amesbury's Welcome Home in Amesbury Abbey grounds.
Band member Alfred Wallen. Born Enford, Wilts 1870. 
Died Amesbury 7 November 1958
Funeral of a band member in Amesbury. Date unknown, but probably mid 1930s.
1920's - The Band outside Amesbury Abbey with Sir Cosmo Antrobus
July 1930 - The Band with their new instruments.

Mr L Hunt - Bandmaster

Back Row: A Southey. E Palmer. E Harrison(Jnr). R Ware. G Baker. H Maggs. E Pike. P Stone. G Thomas. R Thorne.

Front Row: H Ware. P Dunford. F Mitchel. L Hunt(Band Master). Mr Hinxman( Band President). W Root. E Harrison(Snr). H Maggs(Snr)
Back Row: George Thomas. ?. W Maggs.V Hunt. L Hunt. C Hunt. P Stone.. E Harrison(Snr).
Centre Row: Fred Cooper. ?. Eggy Palmer. ?. Don Harrison. Con Thomas. ?. ?. Reg Thorne. Croppy
Front Row: Harold Ware. Percy Dunford. Scooty Hunt. Mr Hinksman(Band President). Ted Harrison.
1937 - Three generations of Harrisons. Don Harrison, aged 8.
1937 - The Band with Mr C Fowler - Bandmaster

Back Row: G Thomas. E Palmer. V Hunt. L Hunt. C Hunt. P Stone.. E Harrison
(Snr). F Cooper.
Centre Row: F Kilford. J Shears. E Pike. P Dunford. W maggs. A Southey. H
Cooper. G Baker. F Mitchell. R Thorne.
Front Row: H ware. C Thomas. B Burbage. C Fowler(Band master) S Hunt. Mr
Hibberd(Jnr). Mr Hibberd(snr)