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Early Years 1890s - 1930s

Post War

The Band in its Third Century

Outline History

c1860. Amesbury Drum & Fife Band formed. Band Master: Mr Edward George Harrison.
c1870. Amesbury Town Brass Band formed from the Drum & Fife Band. Band Master: Mr Truckle.
1905. Amesbury Temperance Brass Band formed. Band Master: Edward Algernon Harrison (b1881) Son of E G Harrison
1912. Amalgamation of Amesbury Temperance Brass Band and Amesbury Town Brass Band
1914 - 1918. The Great War - Band dormant
1919. The Tennant Hut donated by Lady Glenconner. Band became Amesbury Old Comrades' Hut Band. Band Master Mr Fred Cooper
1921. Became Amesbury British Legion Band
1922. Brand broke away from British Legion and joined the Wessex Brass Band Association. Became Amesbury Town Silver Prize Band. Band Master: Mr Fowler
1932. Conductor Mr Louis Hunt
1939 - 1945. World War II- Band dormant
1945. Band reforms under Band Master Mr Fowler
1950. Conductor: Mr Louis Hunt
1955. Conductor: Mr D Harrison (b 1929). Great grandson of E G Harrison
1968. Band into brief hibernation
1969. Band reforms as Amesbury Town Silver Band and Amesbury Youth Silver Band at the Scouts' hut on Kitchener Road. Conductor: Mr Edward (Ted) Allison
1979. Band plays for HRH The Prince of Wales as part of Amesbury's own millennium celebration.
1989. Musical Director: Sqn Ldr Phil Marston.
1991. The Band had to quit the old Scouts' Hut in Kitchener Road. They relocated to the Families' Activity Centre at Boscombe Down.
1997. Musical Director: Mr Ken Palmer.
1997. Award of £39,000 from National Lottery.
2000. Musical Director: Mr David King.
2002. Musical Director: Mr Bob Hunter.
2003. Musical Director: Mr Oliver Jeans LRSM.
2005. The Band plays host to Casalbuttano band
2006. Musical Director: January - Mr Colin Gray. September - Helen Croker
2006. Band trip to Cremona & Casalbuttano in Lombardy.
2007. Temporary Conductor. Mr Donald Palmer.
2007. Musical Director - Mr Clive Burroughs
2009. Return trip to Cremona.
2011. Second visit by Casalbuttano band, assisted by players from nearby Offanengo
2013. Return for 3rd trip to play in Casalbuttano and Offanengo
2015. Small Group of band members played with Casalbuttano and Offanengo at the Vatican.
2017. Third visit to UK by Casalbuttano band.