Learners' Band

Early Years 1890s - 1930s

Post War

The Band in its Third Century

From time to time, most bands go through a rough patch, and we are no exception. The early years of the century saw some disruption within the band, but we're still here, and thriving, with over 30 members in the main band and a growing Training Band.

Late in 2000, just before our Christmas Concert, David King took over a leaderless band, and started building up a more swinging repertoire. David had to leave in 2002 to work in China and we advertised for a new conductor.

Bob Hunter had been a musician with the Cheshire Regiment and although his recent musical background was more as a singer, he took up the baton and had the makings of a good conductor, introducing quite a few modern pieces, almost "Pop". Unfortunately personal pressures forced him to leave and we advertised again.

This time we were contacted by a serving Army musician, Oliver Jeans, principle flautist with the Band of the Army Air Corps. Oliver needed experience in conducting to pursue his ambition to attend the Army School of Music at Kneller Hall and we were glad to help him. Despite his service commitments, Oliver was a dedicated member of the Band and stretched our musical ability to new heights. In 2005 he realised his dream and selected to attend the Army School of Music at Kneller Hall, followed by a posting as MD of the Parachute Regimental Band.

Colin Gray was a percussionist with the local Lucknow Band of the Prince of Wales's Division and offered his skills when Oliver left in early 2006. However, his service commitments forced him to resign later in the year.

One of our trombonist, Helen Pickett, who has years of experience conducting the Trowbridge Band, took over as temporary MD to see us through the 2006 Christmas Season. Finally, in mid 2007, we appointed Clive Burroughs from Verwood as our MD. Clive is another ex-army musician, in a previous life he was Trumpet Major for the Blues & Royals Band of the Household Cavalry.

Through all these changes we must give a special thanks Brian Carter, a member for over 60 years, who repeatedly took over the baton at the last minute.

The band in 2000, taken before a recording session with Shrewton Band. Conductor : Ken Palmer.
Back Row: John Baker. Bob Travis. Peter Hollingdale-Smith. Helen Palmer. John Appleford. Glenys Hollingdale-Smith
Front Row: Sandra King. Ray Brotherton. Bill Prater. Brian Carter. Don Palmer. David Shutler. Phil Marston. Jean Jackson. Hillary Dearden. Ruth Tuck.
June 2002 - Figheldean Fete. David King - Musical Director.(Just before he left for China)

Back Row - Bob Travis. Peter Cowdry. John Baker. Peter Hollingdale-Smith. Don Pamler.George Hogg. Richard King. Dennis Burgess. Andrew Baker.

Front Row - Anthony Blakeborough. Jacob Burgess. Helen Palmer. Sandra King. Ruth Tuck.Lisa Howells. Jean Jackson. Taro Phillimore. Andrew Blakeborough.
August 2003 - End of Summer Season, Wyley Village Fete. 
Oliver Jeans - MD.
Easter 2004 - Antrobus House Concert. MD - Oliver Jeans LRSM.
The occasion was held as a Thank You Presentation to long serving member David Shutler by our first lady Chairman; Sandra King

Back Row: Andrew Carter, John Baker, Max Carter, Andrew Blakeborough, Anthony Blakeborough, Jacob Burgess, John Vent, Ray Brotherton.
Middle Row: Dennis Burgess, Mervyn Smith, Bob Travis, Peter Hollingdale-Smith, Martin Mortimer, Peter Cowdrey, Richard King, Don Palmer, Brian Carter, Andrew Baker, Brian Watts, Matt Spencer, Phil Marston,
Front Row: David Shutler, Ruth Tuck, Sandra King, Oliver Jeans, Glenys Hollingdale-Smith, Jean Jackson.
August 2005. Visit of La Banda Angelo Bodini di Casalbutano playing at Salisbury's 2nd Food Fair in the Market Place - 
Oliver Jeans Conducting
September 2005 - Autumn Concert in the Church of St Peter & St Mellor, Amsbury. Guest Conductor - Michael Dunford, MD of Shrewton Band, who learnt to play with our Band aged 7.

The concert was also used to make a special presentation to three long serving members: John Baker, Dennis Burgess and Brian Carter, who joined the Band in 1945.

Back Row: John Baker, Peter Hollingdale-Smith, Andrew Carter,Richard King,Brian Carter, Matt Spencer, Max Carter, Andrew Blakeborough, Andrew Baker, George Cole.
Front Row: Christopher Cole,Ray Brotherton, Anthony Blakeborough, Peter Cowdrey, Don Palmer, Sandra King, Daniele Cole, Glenys Hollingdale-Smith,Helen Palmer, Brian Watts, Jean Jackson.
Spring 2006 - Antrobus House Concert. MD - Colin Gray ATCL.

Back Row: Phil Marston, Brian Watts, Peter Hollingdale-Smith, Dave Coombs guest player, Max Carter, Brian Carter, Matt Spencer.
Middle Row: Dani Coal, Andrew Carter, Glenys Hollingdale-Smith, Richard King, Dennis Burgess, Peter Cowdrey, Sandra King, Mike Dunford, Glyn Titley, Susie Cameron, Elliott Hope, Phil Hope. Dian Bartlett.
Front Row: George Cole, John Vent, Colin Gray, Jean Jackson, Ray 
Brotherton, Helen Palmer.
Front: some members of our learner section
Great Wishford - Oak Apple Day 2006
August  2006. Visit to Cremona & Casalbutttano
joint rehearsal
Amesbury Church Fete - The Abbey Grounds 19 May 2008

Left - Right: Clive Burroughs, Nigel Eve, Richard King, Peter Cowdrey, Andrew Carter, John Baker, Dian Bartlett, Ed Keynes, Jean Jackson, Phil Hope, Ray Brotherton, Ken Hope, Helen Palmer, Garry Hedley, Elliott Hope, Matt Spencer, Gemma Gamble, Brian Carter.
August  2009. Visit to Cremona & Casalbutttano
August 2011. Visit by Banda Angelo Bodini  di Casalbutttano e Offenenga in Salisbury Cathedral Close.