Learners' Band


1. Playing Fees & Times. Our standard playing fees are:

1.1. Concert and Fetes - £200.00. For fetes, garden parties and concerts, Amesbury Town Band will usually play two sessions of 45 - 60 minutes each, with an interval in between. We can alter these timings to comply with your timetable

1.2. Formal Dinners - £400.00. For service dinners and similar events Amesbury Town Band will provide continuous background music, with small breaks, for the duration of the dinner. Please note that the playing time, which includes incidental music, regimental marches and toasts, should not exceed 2½ hours. The maximum time we can play is 3 hours, in which case, an additional £100.00 will be charged and a refreshment break required. The Band will depart the dining area before any speeches.
Please note that these fees and timings can be varied, depending on the duration and location of the event.

1.3. Reduced Band. It is possible to provide a smaller group if playing space is restricted. The smallest group we can provide comprises six – seven musicians. The fees for a reduced band are the same as for the larger band. Please contact the band for details see About for contact details.

2. Start Time. Please enter the time that you wish the Band to start playing. The Band will arrive approximately 30 minutes before this starting time. Please ensure that sufficient notice is given of any changes in timings.

3. Special Music. The Band will play "anything within reason", providing we can obtain the music, and enough notice is given for rehearsing any new music. We do have a repertoire of the majority of Regimental Marches for service events. If we do not have a copy of a specific Regimental march we may have to ask the unit concerned to provide a copy of the score.

4. Playing Area. The Band usually comprises 15 - 20 musicians. Please ensure that sufficient space and seats are available. For outdoor functions it is preferable to play on a solid surface rather than grass, and to have shade whenever possible (see also note 6). It would be appreciated if the Band were not seated near any noisy disturbances such as generators, PA systems, etc.

5. Unloading and Parking. Band members will use approx. 15 cars. Some musicians will need to unload heavy equipment as near as possible to the playing location.

6. Wet Weather. We do have our own gazebos, but it is worth considering an alternative area for wet weather that will give cover for the Band and spectators.

7. Security. The Band is a civilian organisation and do not have formal ID cards. A nominal roll of the Band can be provided on request.

8. Refreshments. Refreshments would be appreciated at a mutually convenient time. Arrangements can be made with the Band Secretary on arrival.