Learners' Band

Visit to Cremona & Casalbuttano
24 - 28 August 2006.

In August 2006, the Band travelled to Lombardy to visit La Banda "Angelo Bodini" in Casalbuttano. A busy programme of rehearsals, eating, a day trip to Mantua and Lake Garda, a guided tour of Cremona's famous collection of historic string instrumenst and more eating. The visit culminated in two memorable, late evening, concerts. The first, in Cremona's historical Roman Gardens, close to the grave of the famous local son, Stradivaria. The second concert was in the main square of Casalbuttano and attended by almost the entire village.
The attendance at both concerts was tremendous, accompanied by more speeches from local dignitaries and representatives. Lots of applause, especially for the finale, the famous "Radetski March". This was in sharp contrast to the playing at the Sunday morning mass in Cremona's Hospital Chapel, at the request of the chaplain and vicar, Don Eugenio Pagliari. The high spot here was the beautiful solo sung by Susie Cameron, sadly no longer with us. The trip ended with a day out in the old city of Bergamo, often overlooked, but well worth the visit.

Rehearsals an a warm Lombardy evening.

The "Welcome to Casselbuttano" Lunch. Lots of wonderful Italian food and fresh local wine, plus, lots of presentations and speeches.

Cremona's Concert

Casalbuttano's Concert